Popping is a very Overwhelming Dance Style that is still extremely popular especially since Dance shows such as “World of Dance” started airing. You see all these amazing dance moves and you want to learn, but how do you start?

First thing to remember is that everyone started somewhere, the Jabbawockeez had to learn the basics before they won “America’s Best Dance Crew. All it takes is some time, patience and someone to steer you in the right direction.

Well, you’re in luck! I got your back.

Here are 10 Popping Dance Tutorials To Learn Right Now!

1. The Wave

This move has become a staple in many Dancers arsenal of moves, not just poppers. But here is a complete breakdown of how to do the arm wave, step by step.

2. Tutting

Another very popular dance style that started as the King Tut, an egyptian themed dance and has since evolved into finger tutting and digits. This style is used by poppers, hip hop dancers and street hitters. And we can’t forget the flexers.

3. Footwork

You can’t dance if you aren’t using your feet properly, that’s why in this tutorial I breakdown a simple and easy to learn footwork pattern that you can add to your dance style.

4. Hitting

Probably the most important part of popping, the hit. After all the dance is named after this move. The easiest thing to learn but the hardest to master and make look really good. That’s why constant practice and drilling is required to master this technique.

5. The Dimestop

Learning how to control your movements is a very important aspect of dancing. The Dimestop teaches you how to take your movements and, you guessed it, stop on the dime. Learn this technique and you can learn about body awareness and control.

6. The Fresno

The Fresno was first introduced in Fresno, California. Duh! Well this move is a great starter point for beginners and advanced dancers alike.

7. The Robot

Ahh the robot. The bread and butter of dancers and animators such as the Jabbawockeez, Madd Chadd and Popping John. Similar to Dimestops this style requires a ton of control and patience to look like a robot.

8. The Heel Toe

The Heel Toe, a great move to use in your dance to groove and just get down. Don’t worry about technique or styles, everyone should do this move!!

I break down how exactly to do the heel toe.

9. Spiral Waves

Alright now we’re getting to advanced territory. So you got your arm waves down cold, now how can I make them more interesting?

Spiral waves turn your regular waves and makes them seem more dynamic and 3 Dimentional.

10. Bullet Time Waves

And last but certainly not least, A creation of mine dubbed the Bullet Time Wave. I came up with this concept when watching the hit movie, The Matrix. This tutorial will show you how to slooowww down time and catch your waves in a different place. Enjoy!

And there you have it guys! My top 10 Popping Dance Tutorials you can learn right now. So what are you waiting for? Go learn them right now.

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And if you want to go even more indepth in popping dance there is a popping dance course that you may be interested in.

Popping For Beginners